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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Zoo Johor


Hello guys. Happy Chinese New Year! Have fun and may this year full of blessings and happiness to all of us. More love and lets just spread the positive vibes even more. We need it guys.

And I'm here enjoying my holidays. A 5-day holidays after sooo long. Why we got no long leave anymore just like school? Why? Don't you think we need a break too? We can be more productive after break, don't you think? Oh actually I don't think so. Haha.

Ok. To fill my holidays and turns it into a productive holiday (instead of just lying on the bed the whole day like a whale Zzz), I'm here writing a new post! Yeay!

It's about my trip to Zoo Johor (sounds like a school trip, isn't it?).

Last time when I went to zoo is I think around 2 or 3 years back. With my family and it's Zoo Melaka. This is my very first time at Zoo Johor. Even I'm Johorean, but this is the first! More to explore in my own state I think. In the future. *sigh*

My partner for the trip is tadaaaa...

And here I'm the teacher and he's the student who joined the trip. Haha. If you say that I'm noob to be on my first time in Zoo Johor, he's even noob-er (ape tu?) Haha. Dia first time pergi zoo okay. That's why I'm the teacher now. To show and explain to him, this is elephant, this is monkey, and all that stuffs. Haha.

At Zoo Johor, there's no specific car park. So the visitors parked their cars on the roadside. Then kena saman. Haha. But there's masjid in front of the zoo with a large parking space. So you guys can just park your car there, and take some walking-and-talking session with your partners, or family, or friends or whoever, before arrive at Zoo Johor. Haha. Maybe that is the purpose of making a large parking space at the masjid. I'm not sure.

The ticket price is only RM4.00 for adults. So, we only have to paid RM8.00 for both.

The time you enter the zoo, there will be their staffs asked you to snap some photos. Just doing some action smile and then move. They will show you the photos when you got back later.

So the first we saw there was...


Beautiful peacock. Tapi dia tak bukak dia punya sayap tu. Eh sayap ke. Haha. Tak sure apa. While looking at this, I kept asking Faiz "Kenapa dia tutup sayap dia? Bukak lahhh.  Kenapa dia tak kembangkan tu yang belakang tu? Baru cantik" And he definitey can't answer me. Hmmm. Oh lupa, I'm the one who explain to him why and how and what everything. Not him. Ok

What's that? OMG

Faiz paling geli dengan ular ni. I can tell from his reaction. One step back everytime we saw snakes. Haha. Sumpah aku gelakkan aje dia tapi macam tak baik kan. What if he laugh at me when he see my reaction whenever I see ulat. Eeeee paling tak boleh blah ok ulat. Imagining he'll laugh at me stopped me to do the same this time. Tapi lepas tu sambung balik gelak sebab aku tau dia mesti geli jugak dengan ulat. Semua binatang kecik2 dia geli kot. So dia tak boleh nak gelakkan aku lah kan. So continue laughing. Hahahaha.

Takda yang menarik. Ok next.


And next..

Aaaaa yang ni paling excited. First time nampak depan mata. Waktu ni ngam2 kitorang lalu dia baru keluar. Timing baikkk. Haha. It's so cool ok. Exactly macam dalam tv. We were both chose this hyppo as the best animal we saw during our trip. Haha. It's just a random question from me after we just got back from zoo, "Best tak? Apa binatang paling excited sekali bila nampak?" And he answered without hesitate "Badak". Same goes to me. The different is that I took quite a time to think and decide which one is the best but still hyppo is winning in my heart. Haha. I just take a deep thinking lah, karang main pilih je kecik hati pulak yang lain. I have to prepare a strong argument before deciding. Just to be fair. Haha.

Melawat kawan ke bang?

Burung apa entah?

Had a breakfast?

Ada satu kawasan area depan ni, lebih luas and open. Takda sangkar or apa2. Just an open area like the picture above. Ada banyak binatang kat sini. Kerbau. Kancil. Rusa. Burung unta. Walaupun berbeza jenis, mereka hidup aman damai dan saling menghormati. Haha.

Stay there enjoyed the view. View of that deer berebut makanan. Haha. At first we thought tak boleh lalu jalan ni. Sebab macam takda orang. Tapi main jalan jela dengan yakin. Then baru ada beberapa orang lain follow jugak. Such a follower. Huh. :P

Ada jugak jual sayur2 macam tu untuk sesiapa yang berminat bagi makan kat binatang ni. Tapi kitorang tak berminat. Sorry. Kitorang lagi berminat untuk bagi makan kat diri sendiri. Haha. 

Hye Faiz *lambai tangan*
Eh tapi snake got no hands

Another interesting part is here.


This came is ultimate competitor to the hyppo. Haha. Both so charming. And I was so excited saw them. I don't know. Actually most of the time I got excited. Except for those familiar one like burung lah, bangau lah apa semua tu. Sampai kan Faiz noticed it! OMG is that so obvious? Haha. Bila aku cepat2 je nak jalan tempat lain tu dia tau lah tu tak excited sangat. Siap tanya "Eh yang ni tak menarik ke?" Bila aku tanya kenapa dia kata takda bebel2 yang excited macam sebelum ni. LOL

yes you see that camel so cute

Bangun lah woi!

Another cute creature. Nicely landing huh. Tak layan orang punya ni. Buat hal sendiri lagi baik. Haha.


I should be excited when I saw lion. But instead I felt nothing. Haha. Maybe if the lion is the one with a lot of hair around the neck just like we always see in the tv or books, I get to be more excited. Faiz told me the one with a lot of hair around the neck is the female, while this one is male. And I gave him a long Ohhhhhhh. Haha. He so clever. Kata first time datang zoo. Hehe.

Rilex nya itu budakkkk. I want to gigit and cubit you. Haha. Dia cool gilaaaa. Dia tau orang tengok dia kan, then dia duduk kat situ macam chill je. Eksyen pun ada rasanya. Haha.

You see? You see?

Only a few pictures we got. There're also elephant, more snakes, more birds, more lions, and more animals. Just before we decided to go back, the lions make some noise. Tak tahu gaduh ke marah ke lapar, semua berlawan2 bising. So ramai orang berkumpul kat tempat singa tu, termasuk lah kami. Haha. Adakah sepatutnya kitorang jangan masuk campur hal singa2 tu? Atau kitorang sepatutnya berasa lebih takut sebab dia dah bising mungkin dia akan jadi lebih menakutkan? Tapi nampaknya semua tak macam tu. Semua sibuk nak tengok singa2 tu. Haha. Tapi bila kitorang sampai tetibe je singa tu semua diam. Hek eleh. Lari laju dah tadi ingat apa lah. Ni takda apa. Balik lah wei, balikkk.

So, we had so much fun at the zoo. But it might be more fun when you bring your kids because they will ask more and questioning everything. Yes everything. I saw that one father following his son to here and there. And his son got so many questions. I hope the father won't give a silly answer. Just like what I did most of the time. Haha.

So for those who near to JB, but never come to Zoo Johor, just try to go whenever you feel like going ok. No rush. Haha. You can get some relaxing time because it's nice there. Quite small compare to Zoo Melaka I've been before. But still good for an exploration.

Give it a try ok!

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