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Monday, 27 March 2017

Girls Power


And hye..

Have you ever admire any woman in your life? Whoever she is, you absolutely admire her for some reason right?

I have a list of women that I admire a lot. Yes.

Not that one woman I like got every criteria that I want as a woman. No no no.

Maybe I like this girl because the way she talk or represent herself. Maybe I like another girl just because of her smile is so nice. And another one girl I like because she able to handle her problem like so cool yaw. Then this one girl also make me admire her due to her achievement in her life. Also this one got skill in make up like everything she touches become so beautiful. Maybe she so fit and her lifestyle is so healthy and I also want to be like her. And yes, the list goes on and on. So many things that make me admire them and make me talk to myself that I want to be like them.

Absolutely I cannot be like them 100%. But itsoke, 99% also will do. Lol. But yes, I think this is the best way we as a woman should think, maybe. Instead of being jealous, kan?

And of course that is the positive way. But me, as a hooomannnnn, always have this negative thinking. Always and yes I admit it. (Tau jahat, ye tau)

Macam tadi all the examples I told earlier, we should be proud of having a girl (like we all girls are in one team, and then got this one girl represent the others. lol) yang expose herself, show to all the boys out there that we can do this and that. Yela girls power kan? Tapi at one time mesti akan ada this feeling yang macam menyampah sikit (padahal in one team tadi ek eleh apehal?) Do you get me? Mungkin terlampau banyak exposure yang dari diri dia sendiri, tu yang jadikan orang tak suka.

And this definitely correct! I strongly and totally agree. Haha. Tak perlu nak setiap masa cerita yang kau reti masak, reti jahit, reti repair kereta, reti panjat pokok, reti memancing, whatever lah benda yang kononnya kau boleh hidup tanpa lelaki or anyone else sebab nak buktikan girls are power.

Makin banyak kita cerita kebaikan atau kebolehan kita, lagi banyak orang nampak keburukan dan kekurangan kita betul tak? Sometimes we have to admit that we don't know this and we need help. It won't harm you anything to request the others' help. We live in this world together, not you alone. And the other also might need your help too. We just have to learn how to give and take, to be more tolerate and being considerate to other person (to both woman and man as well).

Just an example. Vivy Yusof. I think all Malaysian recognize her as a very wonderful and successful young entrepreneur besides being a working mom and a hot wife. Haha. Ala tengok ayat bodek mesti tau how much I admire her. Haha. To be honest, yes I admire her so much. We all see her as a perfect woman. But she still admit her lack in cooking, in make up, as a mom to Danial and Mariam, and everything. Still so humble. While every woman maybe pray everyday to be just like her (aku lah tu hmm). Tapi tula, by admitting her lack in those areas, she didn't even being lower than her position now. It makes her become more powerful and respectful.

Different to those yang asyik cakap besar je, orang jadi menyampah kan. Dok cerita buat itu ini, but at the end, tak nampak apa. Orang tambah lagi mengata.

So let keep ourselves be more humble dearest girls. But at the same time, make improvement from time to time. Biarkan kejayaan kita atau apa2 kebaikan kita tu yang buatkan orang lain recognise kita. Okay?

Girls power!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Kari Kambing 40 Hari


More about food yeah!

I think most of us like to eat. Or it's only me? No?

I do admit that I like to eat. I would like to try new foods and seeing them on social media make me craving even more. The photo is actually looking great than what's reality isn't it? Blame the technology to invent those cameras. Lol.

And to be more great, I got a partner who likes to eat as well. Hoyeh hoyeh. To be precise, he likes to eat more than meeee! Yayers. So everytime I try to go on some healthy diet or whatever sounds like that (muahahaha), he's the one who always let me ruin my own diet. And yes now I blame him (after the camera just now. Haha).

So one of the foods we tried out together for the first time is the Kari Kambing 40 Hari. The one you can see clearly from PLUS highway from Johor to Melaka. You can see this name at your left. Yes we did saw it and since it's Kambing, Faiz definitely wanted to give it a try. He loves kambing very much. Please don't say I similar to kambing since you look like love me the same way you love the kambing! Lol

Here we go!

We actually planned to have it for lunch. But we are wayyy too early arrived here and I think our lunch changed to brunch. Haha. Excited kot nak makan sampai awal sangat sampai. But it's good to arrive there at the morning since you don't have to wait and queue longer for your foods.

There's a choices. You can eat the Kari Kambing with nasi arab or roti canai as well. Yes! They serve roti canai too. So you can choose whatever you like more. If you can't decide, just have it both. Haha.

All of us decided to try it with nasi arab. Oh yes you can also have a chicken if you can't or don't want to have the kambing. But hey you go there with Kari Kambing 40 Hari in mind, why you suddenly eat the chicken. Go for kambing lah dey! Haha. Ok ok I won't make you hesitate in deciding what you gonna eat. Both also sedap!

As for the service, I think it's great and convenient to the customers. I'm not sure if there's a lot of people, the situation will be different or not. But my experienced there is just nice. I still have to queue but as a customer, I think it's systematic.

So for you guys who haven't try it yet, please go and try for once okay! Whenever you go to Johor, please go to this Kari Kambing 40 Hari and you won't regret it.

Monday, 20 February 2017



Today is Monday. Let's forget about Monday Blues (the only thing that we usually focus on during Monday), instead try to enjoy the day okay? Make it productive and great. Your week ahead will be more cheerful and wonderful.

I would like to share something about RIADAH. Something you can do, with anyone, maybe your family or friends, and it costs low (do you guys sound it likes coleslaw as well or is it only me?).

How about picnic? Do you love it?

Yes I do love it. I love it more if the day is not hot but windy. Lol.

I enjoy the day spend with family members, eating, talking, and even better if the place is near to the nature. You absolutely getting boring day by day, seeing the buildings, cars here and there, smokes some more. I hate that. But still got to face it everyday and get used to it. But sometimes, whenever got free time, I would like to enjoy the day with something different.

The nearest place to my house which available for this kind of activities is Hutan Bandar Putra Kulai. It's actually the place where people can exercise and riadah with the family. You can go cycling, jogging, and sometimes I also play badminton there. 

But you can also just go and relaxing your mind by enjoying the view only. There's one big tasik with a lot of fish. You can feed the fish too.

Since this Hutan Bandar is near to my house, whenever we feel like doing any riadah, we will definitely go there.

And here we all just do some picnic (at the afternoon actually oh nooo). Bought some foods from the stall there. Eat and talk and eat and talk non stop. Haha.

It's actually a super hot day. You can see it from the shadow. Haha. But we did enjoyed it! No need to go to sauna to get sweat. And no need a beach to get tanned. Haha.

Here we went to feed the fish. Looking at the fish, trust me that you will feel like they no need any foods anymore. They're all soooo fat fish. Haha. But still gelojoh bila kitorang bagi makanan. Hei sedar diri please!

Tengok. Nampak tak si gemuk tu dan si gemuk ni dan semuanya. Unfortunately, fishing is not allowed here. Kalau tak habis dah semua ni. LOL

And because it super hot and we cannot handle it anymore, we decided to sit under the bridge. Haha. At least we got the roof to protect our skin.

Mak is sooo cute at the back there.

And that is the only sharing I will do today. It might seems nothing but for me, it means everything. Spend the quality time with your family, make them feel that you there for them is simply the best. Hope you guys will do the same. You can do it with your own way and idea. I believe you guys got a lot of nicer activities than mine. Share your idea okay!

Until then, byeeee.

Do enjoy your day with anything you will do okay. It will be great!


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