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Monday, 27 March 2017

Girls Power


And hye..

Have you ever admire any woman in your life? Whoever she is, you absolutely admire her for some reason right?

I have a list of women that I admire a lot. Yes.

Not that one woman I like got every criteria that I want as a woman. No no no.

Maybe I like this girl because the way she talk or represent herself. Maybe I like another girl just because of her smile is so nice. And another one girl I like because she able to handle her problem like so cool yaw. Then this one girl also make me admire her due to her achievement in her life. Also this one got skill in make up like everything she touches become so beautiful. Maybe she so fit and her lifestyle is so healthy and I also want to be like her. And yes, the list goes on and on. So many things that make me admire them and make me talk to myself that I want to be like them.

Absolutely I cannot be like them 100%. But itsoke, 99% also will do. Lol. But yes, I think this is the best way we as a woman should think, maybe. Instead of being jealous, kan?

And of course that is the positive way. But me, as a hooomannnnn, always have this negative thinking. Always and yes I admit it. (Tau jahat, ye tau)

Macam tadi all the examples I told earlier, we should be proud of having a girl (like we all girls are in one team, and then got this one girl represent the others. lol) yang expose herself, show to all the boys out there that we can do this and that. Yela girls power kan? Tapi at one time mesti akan ada this feeling yang macam menyampah sikit (padahal in one team tadi ek eleh apehal?) Do you get me? Mungkin terlampau banyak exposure yang dari diri dia sendiri, tu yang jadikan orang tak suka.

And this definitely correct! I strongly and totally agree. Haha. Tak perlu nak setiap masa cerita yang kau reti masak, reti jahit, reti repair kereta, reti panjat pokok, reti memancing, whatever lah benda yang kononnya kau boleh hidup tanpa lelaki or anyone else sebab nak buktikan girls are power.

Makin banyak kita cerita kebaikan atau kebolehan kita, lagi banyak orang nampak keburukan dan kekurangan kita betul tak? Sometimes we have to admit that we don't know this and we need help. It won't harm you anything to request the others' help. We live in this world together, not you alone. And the other also might need your help too. We just have to learn how to give and take, to be more tolerate and being considerate to other person (to both woman and man as well).

Just an example. Vivy Yusof. I think all Malaysian recognize her as a very wonderful and successful young entrepreneur besides being a working mom and a hot wife. Haha. Ala tengok ayat bodek mesti tau how much I admire her. Haha. To be honest, yes I admire her so much. We all see her as a perfect woman. But she still admit her lack in cooking, in make up, as a mom to Danial and Mariam, and everything. Still so humble. While every woman maybe pray everyday to be just like her (aku lah tu hmm). Tapi tula, by admitting her lack in those areas, she didn't even being lower than her position now. It makes her become more powerful and respectful.

Different to those yang asyik cakap besar je, orang jadi menyampah kan. Dok cerita buat itu ini, but at the end, tak nampak apa. Orang tambah lagi mengata.

So let keep ourselves be more humble dearest girls. But at the same time, make improvement from time to time. Biarkan kejayaan kita atau apa2 kebaikan kita tu yang buatkan orang lain recognise kita. Okay?

Girls power!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Kari Kambing 40 Hari


More about food yeah!

I think most of us like to eat. Or it's only me? No?

I do admit that I like to eat. I would like to try new foods and seeing them on social media make me craving even more. The photo is actually looking great than what's reality isn't it? Blame the technology to invent those cameras. Lol.

And to be more great, I got a partner who likes to eat as well. Hoyeh hoyeh. To be precise, he likes to eat more than meeee! Yayers. So everytime I try to go on some healthy diet or whatever sounds like that (muahahaha), he's the one who always let me ruin my own diet. And yes now I blame him (after the camera just now. Haha).

So one of the foods we tried out together for the first time is the Kari Kambing 40 Hari. The one you can see clearly from PLUS highway from Johor to Melaka. You can see this name at your left. Yes we did saw it and since it's Kambing, Faiz definitely wanted to give it a try. He loves kambing very much. Please don't say I similar to kambing since you look like love me the same way you love the kambing! Lol

Here we go!

We actually planned to have it for lunch. But we are wayyy too early arrived here and I think our lunch changed to brunch. Haha. Excited kot nak makan sampai awal sangat sampai. But it's good to arrive there at the morning since you don't have to wait and queue longer for your foods.

There's a choices. You can eat the Kari Kambing with nasi arab or roti canai as well. Yes! They serve roti canai too. So you can choose whatever you like more. If you can't decide, just have it both. Haha.

All of us decided to try it with nasi arab. Oh yes you can also have a chicken if you can't or don't want to have the kambing. But hey you go there with Kari Kambing 40 Hari in mind, why you suddenly eat the chicken. Go for kambing lah dey! Haha. Ok ok I won't make you hesitate in deciding what you gonna eat. Both also sedap!

As for the service, I think it's great and convenient to the customers. I'm not sure if there's a lot of people, the situation will be different or not. But my experienced there is just nice. I still have to queue but as a customer, I think it's systematic.

So for you guys who haven't try it yet, please go and try for once okay! Whenever you go to Johor, please go to this Kari Kambing 40 Hari and you won't regret it.

Monday, 20 February 2017



Today is Monday. Let's forget about Monday Blues (the only thing that we usually focus on during Monday), instead try to enjoy the day okay? Make it productive and great. Your week ahead will be more cheerful and wonderful.

I would like to share something about RIADAH. Something you can do, with anyone, maybe your family or friends, and it costs low (do you guys sound it likes coleslaw as well or is it only me?).

How about picnic? Do you love it?

Yes I do love it. I love it more if the day is not hot but windy. Lol.

I enjoy the day spend with family members, eating, talking, and even better if the place is near to the nature. You absolutely getting boring day by day, seeing the buildings, cars here and there, smokes some more. I hate that. But still got to face it everyday and get used to it. But sometimes, whenever got free time, I would like to enjoy the day with something different.

The nearest place to my house which available for this kind of activities is Hutan Bandar Putra Kulai. It's actually the place where people can exercise and riadah with the family. You can go cycling, jogging, and sometimes I also play badminton there. 

But you can also just go and relaxing your mind by enjoying the view only. There's one big tasik with a lot of fish. You can feed the fish too.

Since this Hutan Bandar is near to my house, whenever we feel like doing any riadah, we will definitely go there.

And here we all just do some picnic (at the afternoon actually oh nooo). Bought some foods from the stall there. Eat and talk and eat and talk non stop. Haha.

It's actually a super hot day. You can see it from the shadow. Haha. But we did enjoyed it! No need to go to sauna to get sweat. And no need a beach to get tanned. Haha.

Here we went to feed the fish. Looking at the fish, trust me that you will feel like they no need any foods anymore. They're all soooo fat fish. Haha. But still gelojoh bila kitorang bagi makanan. Hei sedar diri please!

Tengok. Nampak tak si gemuk tu dan si gemuk ni dan semuanya. Unfortunately, fishing is not allowed here. Kalau tak habis dah semua ni. LOL

And because it super hot and we cannot handle it anymore, we decided to sit under the bridge. Haha. At least we got the roof to protect our skin.

Mak is sooo cute at the back there.

And that is the only sharing I will do today. It might seems nothing but for me, it means everything. Spend the quality time with your family, make them feel that you there for them is simply the best. Hope you guys will do the same. You can do it with your own way and idea. I believe you guys got a lot of nicer activities than mine. Share your idea okay!

Until then, byeeee.

Do enjoy your day with anything you will do okay. It will be great!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Hiking @ Gunung Pulai


Happy Sunday!

Bestnya hujung minggu memang semua tak dapat nafikan. Macam2 plan dalam kepala sepanjang minggu tu macam nak buat semua masa weekend kan? Tapi sampai weekend tetibe malas melanda. Rasa baik duduk rumah layan drama ke tido ke, lagi best. Haha. Tu aku lah.

Tapi taknak lah nampak macam useless sangat hujung minggu aku ni. So update lah sikit blog ni. Tengok macam boleh bebel banyak je ni. Haha.

Ni kisah 2 bulan lepas. Hmm lambatnya update. Rilek ah. Ada orang cerita tahun lepas pun dok ungkit lagi. Haha.

And yes, tengok tajuk dah tau. Cerita hiking kat Gunung Pulai.

Dan seperti biasa jugak. Peneman aku buat benda2 macam ni adalah...

Budak ni jela rajin layankan. Haha. Berzaman nak naik Gunung Pulai ni. Sebab dekat je dengan rumah. Lepas tu nampak pulak ramai dah naik. Bukan main lah semangat dia. Acah stamina kuat sangat. Haha. Tapi setiap kali plan nak naik mesti tak jadi. Faiz ni dah datang berapa kali entah baru kali ni berjaya jugak naik gunung ni. Nasib baik naik jugak. Kalau tak sentiasa lah "KIV".

Gunung Pulai ni dulu dia tutup kejap sebab banjir. Dah lama dulu lah. Masatu aku pun kecik. Sekolah rendah kot. Kalau tak dulu boleh je orang datang mandi2 semua. Tapi sekarang dia dah bukak balik lah. Cuma tak sama macam dulu lagi.

Yang atas ni yang paling excited nak naik gunung. Tapi pancit. Haha.

Pintu masuk Gunung Pulai ni dia tutup. So masa nak masuk tu korang kena lalu jalan tikus tepi tu. Macam nak curi2 masuk pun ada jugak. Gate dia tu dia bukak untuk kenderaan tertentu je rasanya. Ataupun ada masa2 dia bukak ke apa. Tak sure. Tapi masa aku datang tu memang kena panjat tepi tu je.

Nak cerita sikit masa awal nak naik tu. Aku dah siap2 bawak air botol besar dah. Tapi dok yakin je macam kejap je naik, so tinggal je air tu dalam kereta. Yakin tauuu. So naik berlenggang jela dua orang ni. Sekali dah start hiking, fuhhh terbayang2 macam2 jenis air dalam kepala. Air terjun tu nampak sejuk je. Haih. Korang bolehlah jadikan pengalaman kitorang ni sebagai iktibar. Haha.

Sebenarnya nak kata hiking betul2 macam panjat gunung tu pun tak boleh sangat sebab trek nak ke atas tu jalan tar je. Sebab ni laluan kenderaan. Ada je kenderaan naik turun gunung ni. So kitorang pun expect naik gunung ni senang je. Sebab bukan trek hutan betul kan. Tu pun antara sebab kitorang tak bawak air naik sekali. Tapi sangkaan kitorang makin lama makin meleset. Macam ekonomi sekarang jugak. Eh tetibe.

Dua2 memang pancit jela sepanjang perjalanan naik tu. Berapa banyak kali entah rehat. Haha. Asal nampak tempat boleh duduk je kitorang stop. Nampak mudah je. Tapi sengal jugak lah kaki ni nak naik lagi ke atas tu. Asyik dok ulang je bila nak sampai, bila nak sampai *Sambil seret kaki*. Tapi dalam hati lah. Depan Faiz kena tunjuk gagah. Haha.

Serius unexpected tau punya tinggi gunung ni. Ada certain peak tu memang fuhhh tegak habis. Berapa darjah jangan tanya. Tak check. Haha. Tapi setiap kali tu cakap kat diri sendiri "Okay dah nak sampai, lagi sikit je". Faiz lagi banyak kali cakap macam tu. "Lagi sikit je", "Ha tu dah nak sampai puncak dah". Eh banyak kali lah kena tipu, tak sampai2 punnn. Haha. Tapi kalau tak kena tipu macam tu memang aku dah turun balik dah. Lemah semangat betul.

Dan punya lah nak motivate diri sendiri bila tengok ada nenek2 ke atok2 ke yang dah turun balik. Semangat terus naik mencanak2. Diorang boleh kenapa aku tak boleh kan? So teruskan jugak perjalanan sampai ke atas. You can do it!

Ada satu chinese girl ni lagi best. Dia dari awal naik tu kitorang memang ada bertembung dengan dia. Macam kejap dia depan, kejap kitorang belakang dia. Dia dengan sorang uncle ni dah tua jugaklah. Aku tak tau dia kerja apa lah tapi dari awal tu dia naik dengan rilek berselipar je, siap bawak beg besar macam beg sekolah tu. Lepas tu pegang buku sambil bercerita dengan uncle ni, macam tengah menghafal pun ada. Tapi serius salute kat dia. Rilek je macam dah hari2 naik gunung. Haha. Sampai ada satu kali tu datang kat kitorang tanya pukul berapa dah, sebab pukul 2.00pm dia ada meeting. Time tu dah pukul 12.00 something lah tak silap. Tapi dia boleh je lagi teruskan naik. Eh tak faham lah. Haha.


Punya push diri sendiri dan atas semangat tu, akhirnya sampai jugak ke puncak. Tapiiiii gambar atas ni bukan gambar kat puncak pun. Puncak dia tu ada kem askar. Tak boleh masuk. Berpagar siap. So kitorang masa sampai atas tu macam blur. Lahhh gini je ke penat2 naik tadi? Sebab apa kitorang dua imagine macam sampai atas tu nampak view bawah semua macam tu kan. Tapi bila tanya orang kat situ dia kata memang tak boleh masuk. Hek eleh. Dahlah merajuklah. Turun balik.

Muka happy kononnya. Padahal nak menangis dah kaki sakit. Haha. Ni masa naik jugak. Dah nak sampai puncak lah ni. Tapi ada satu port ni boleh nampak semua bawah tu. Jadi lahhh. Daripada takda kan. Haha.

Part nak turun pun menangis jugak. Haha. Sebab dia curam. Jadinya nak menahan kaki tu yang sakit tu. Dengan dah mula panas. Sebab kitorang naik dah nak pukul 11.00 macam tu. Sampai atas mungkin dalam pukul 1.00. Bayangkan? Dah tengahhari. Nasib baik banyak pokok takdalah terasa panas tu. Tapi terasa jugaklah kot. 

Masa turun tu memang dah slow lah. Tapi tak banyak rehat. Sebab nak cepat2 dapat air. Haha. Air nunnnn jauh di bawah dalam kereta dok helok sangat pergi tinggal pasaipa. Lepastu on the way turun tu jumpa macam satu mata air ni. Sejukkkk. Dapat cuci muka pun jadilah. Nak minum pun ada. Tapi bila teringat masa naik tu ada baca papan tanda remind jangan minum air terjun ni sesuka hati. Kang terkena jangkitan apa2 pulak kang. Terus tak jadi. 

Lepas tu punya lah nak air terjun dia sebab dah rasa mata air tadi sejuk bukan main kan, gigih masa turun tu nak jugak rehat kejap kat sungai dia.

Buat muka kesian sikit. Dapatlah main air. Haha. Time ni ya Allah nikmatnya tuhan yang tahu. Sejuk kaki dapat main air. Rasa nak je berendam dalam tu. Tapi apakan daya, rendam kaki je mampu.

Dan akhirnya we made it!

Muka dah habis penat lah tu konon. Haha. Ni konon ada hati turun gunung nak main badminton pulak. Terus okay. Berangan. Haha.

Turun2 je benda pertama cari adalah air. Bawah tu ada gerai2 makan. Warung lah macam tu. Orang kampung bukak. So kitorang terus je menuju ke situ, beli air tin paling sejuk dan paling sedap sekali dalam dunia. Waktu tu bagi air apa pun sedap. Haha. Tulaaaaa. Belagak lagi taknak bawak air.

So korang kalau teringin nak naik gunung ni atau gunung2 lain, janganlah lupa bawak air. Tu pesanan penaja. Kalau rajin atau rasanya macam lebih baik, bawaklah bag pack siap2 letak segala yang perlu dalam tu. Air ke, ubat ke, tuala ke, apa2lah yang perlu. Untuk kecemasan. Okay?

Monday, 30 January 2017

Coffee Lover


Who's here a coffee lover like me put your hands up!

Hot white coffee

Yeah I'm a very hardcore fan of coffee. Siapa pernah duduk atau kenal aku, memang confirm 100% boleh detect aku sangat2 lah addicted to coffee. Sehari mesti dapat at least a cup. Kalau tak, boleh senoneng kepala wo. Haha. 

Tak kisah apa jenis coffee pun, memang aku suka. Latte, white coffee, black coffee, cappuccino, mocha, eh name it lah, semua aku minum. And now my new addiction is on hazelnut white coffee. Oh the smell, sooooo nice.

Dan aku faham yang tak semua suka coffee ni. Lagi2 bau dia. Aku ibaratkan coffee macam rokok. Some people can get addicted to it, while some might hate it. Pernah aku dapat roommate/kawan yang tak boleh bau coffee langsung, just like some people cannot smell smokes from a cigarette. Dan tu lah masalahnya. Kena cuba minum sembunyi2 atau larikan diri minum tempat lain. To respect those yang tak boleh bau coffee.

Aku pulak asal bau coffee je memang heaven. Kat shopping mall ke kalau terbau coffee, boleh tercari2 bau tu. Janganlah bayangkan aku hidung ke depan then jalan mencari bau tu. Aku cool lagi lah. Haha.

Me and my  beloved coffee.

But anything needs to be controlled. I realized that it's not good for me to keep caffeine level so high in my body. I need to control it. But quite hard and uncontrollable sometimes. Haha. Lagi2 dah kerja, boleh sampai 3 cups a day aku teguk tau tak! So scary tapi nanti tak minum boleh jadi ngantuk gila time drive apa semua. And sometimes tu minum bukan sebab ngantuk pun. Sebab happy, sebab stress, sebab lapar, semua pun boleh jadi penyebab aku minum coffee. And it's not good I know.

So here I decided to change this habit. I have to reduce my coffee intake. And now maybe only once a week. Or maybe 2 times a week. Eh how about 1 cup a day? Still okay right? Hehe.

It's so hard but I have to try. And still trying. Just so you know, I surprisingly manage to control it. Mindset kot. Maybe tak lah cut off terus. Tapi better than before. So that's a transformation of me in 2016. So maybe 2017 will be better me without my coffee. Perhaps. I hope so.

-Coffee lover 

Sunday, 29 January 2017



Semua orang ada best friend, I guess. Macam aku, aku adalah seorang yang sangat tak ramai kawan. Haha. Macam ada takda je. Sebab masa aku banyak habis dengan family. Even time belajar pun dok sibuk balik rumah. Dan dari situ dah boleh agaklah, bila masanya aku nak bersosial dengan kengkawan. Jadinya, orang mungkin akan annoying lebih dengan orang macam aku. Sikit2 family kan.

Tapi takdalah takda kawan langsung. In fact, aku ada ramai kawan yang baik. Yang sentiasa tolong aku susah senang. Lepak bila ada masa. Borak bila boring. Semuanya ada. Masa belajar lagi lah. Berderet yang selalu tolong aku. Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan urusan dan diberikan balasan baik yang lebih baik daripada apa yang diorang bagi pada aku. Murahkan rezeki semuanya. Ameen..

Tapi macam aku pernah cakap kat sini, aku sekarang lebih memilih. We have the right to choose kan? So why not we choose? Pilih apa? Pilihlah kawan2 yang baik. Yang tau susah kau, dan masih stay untuk membantu dan bagi semangat. Yang boleh dengar kau nangis dan dia pun sama2 nangis, tapi lepas tu buat lawak bodoh sebab nak bagi kau happy balik. Haha.

Sebab bila dah dewasa ni (ehem), we will appreciate quality more than quantity. What purpose to keep a friend yang kau tau dia jenis kaki kutuk member, depan cakap lain, belakang cakap lain ye dak? Kau akan tersedar yang, kalau dengan kau dia boleh cakap buruk pasal kawan dia yang depan2 dia macam nice kawan baik je, kenapa tidak dia kutuk kau jugak dengan kawan dia itu. Ha. Faham ke ayat aku ni? Jap aku reorganize balik ayat tu bagi tersusun. Ok dah. Haha. Sama jugak situasi bila kawan yang ada tu hanya untuk bergembira je. Bila susah tak muncul tiba. Ibarat menunggu kucing bertelur. Haha. I know it's quite cliche tapi tu lah hakikatnya.

So you got to choose sayang sayang ku (gaya Dato Sri Vida please)

And as for me, I found one. I hope she's the one. Kalau bukan jugak, tak tahu lah nak kata apa. Haha.

Her name is Nur Azura Binti Ithnin. Hmm bagi lah full name terus. Kot ada yang baca ni lelaki, berkenan pulak tu. Boleh siap2 praktis ehem. Haha.

Oh ye dia single. Hatinya keras untuk dicintai. Namun, insan yang berani mampu mencairkannya. Ibarat kerak nasi, lama2 lembut jua. (Fynn Jamal kot gini, ke tak?)

Entah apa entah dia ni baik sangat dengan aku. Dia tak dapat apa pun. Tapi baiknya macam lah aku ada harta nanti kalau mati boleh wasiatkan atas nama dia. Haha. Everytime tanya dia kenapa baik sangat dengan aku, dia mesti jawab sebab aku pun baik dengan dia. Macam tu jugak bila dia tanya aku soalan yang sama. Last2 dua2 jadi baik. Eh senangnya dunia ni. Takda pancaroba langsung kalau semua orang macam kitorang.

Kitorang kenal sejak Form 2. Form 1 aku sekolah lain, which in fact sekolah yang sama dengan dia jugak. Tapi time tu tak kenal pun. Lepas dua2 pindah sekolah yang baru, barulah kitorang berkenalan. Tak silap first sekali jumpa bila aku nak pergi kelas dan dia yang tolong tunjukkan jalan. Padahal kelas yang sama. Ceh

Matrik pun kitorang matrik yang sama. Kolej Matrikulasi Johor (KMJ). Zaman ni lah paling banyak kacau dia. Sibuk2 datang bilik dia. Kacau dia buat assignment atas katil dia tu. Gelakkan orang lain macam apa. Dah macam jadi roommate tambahan dia pulak. Pulak tu kitorang memang duduk satu level je, blok yang sama. Bilik dia jauh berapa langkah je dari bilik aku. Haha. So memang laju jela kaki ni singgah bilik dia. Nak pergi toilet akan lalu bilik dia. So sempat singgah dulu sebelum pergi toilet. Kadang sampai lupa nak buat apa pergi toilet tadi. Haha.

Bila masuk uni, kitorang dapat uni yang berbeza. Dia UTEM, aku UTM. Dia masih setia dengan bidang dia, dan aku pulak dah terpesong ke bidang akaun pulak. Tapi semua tu tak memutuskan hubungan kitorang. Setiap kali cuti akan ada masa2 kitorang jumpa dan spend time together. Share semua benda dan surprisingly boleh je relate dengan masing2 punya cerita. Padahal uni lain2. Tak kenal dan tak faham apa yang masing2 cuba cerita. Tapi macam dapat rasa je.

Awal2 belajar aku guna handphone cabuk je. Takda watsapp apa bagai. Bila dah dapat handphone baru yang ada watsapp, barulah dapat berhubung dengan lebih rancak lagi. Rancak cemana tu biarlah rahsia. Mostly ke arah benda yang tak baik (i.e. kutuk member). Haha. Jangan lah contohi persahabatan kitorang ni. Hmm

Dan sekarang dia dah jadi engineer yang berjaya. Aku sangat bangga dengan dia. Serius lah macam kagum apesal dia boleh survive eh jadi engineer. Serius gagah perkasa awek ni (Up member lagi nampakkk). Haha. Alhamdulillah dua2 kerja kat Johor. So weekend ke apa memang menyempat je nak jumpa, lepak dan sebagainya. Haha.

Harap persahabatan ni kekal sampai bila2. Esok kalau dah kahwin pun harap masih dapat jugak lepak selalu macam sekarang (Harap Faiz baca yang ni banyak kali). Haha. Harap Zura dapat jodoh dengan kawan2 Faiz jugak so dapat lepak sekali. Muahaha. Dan harap kalau dah ada anak dapat dijodohkan supaya kita berbesan. Tu pun kalau anak tak pesen memberontak tak suka dengan pilihan keluarga. Haha.

Ok esok kalau dah ada cucu, akan diperkenalkan Nenek Zura ni pada diorang.
"Cu, nenek Zura ni lah yang dulu banyak tolong nenek. Dia bagi pinjam duit masa nenek takda duit masa study. Esok kau jangan lupa bayar balik hutang2 nenek kat dia ye cuuu... Uhuk uhuk."

Saya akhiri post kali ni dengan...

Azuuuuraaaaa, ada sinaaarrrr di mataaaa muuuu..

Aktiviti cuti sekolah



Amboi amboi. Mementang cuti sekolah bukan main lama. Terus up cadangan aktiviti cuti sekolah. Padahal dah berzaman tingalkan dunia persekolahan. Muahaha.

Just a suggestion. Tapi tak sesuai untuk semua lah. Mungkin sesetengah je sebab zaman sekarang kan dah berubah. *rolling eyes*

So the suggestion is..

Eh apeni? Belum apa2 dah kena cili. Haha.

Takda. Apa kata cuti2 ni kita semua berkebun (i.e. Pergi ke kebun pun boleh). Haha. Bila kerja ke sekolah ke mana ada masa kan? Banyak alasan nanti penat lah sibuk lah, ha lagi apa alasan nak bagi. So bila cuti ni, salah satu aktiviti yang no cost dan paling jimat adalah berkebun, kutip sayur segala bagai. Nak lagi jimat? Pergi berkebun kat kebun orang. Macam kes aku. Haha.

Setiap kali balik kampung (bukan masa cuti je), memang mak suka sangat2 pergi kutip sayur lah, petik cili lah, kutip segala pucuk yang ada, buah lagi. Haih memang meriah kalau kat kampung. Kalau rajin aku tolong lah sekali. Kalau tak, hmmm tolong doakan hasil mak banyak jela nak bawak balik rumah nanti. Haha.

Hasil doa aku, nampaknya cili tu membiak dalam bakul tu. Haha.

Best pergi kebun kat kampung ni. Lagi best lepas hujan. Sejukkk. Nyaman je nak kutip sayur. Setiap kali balik kampung ada je sayur mak dapat. Murah rezeki makcik aku. Macam2 dia bagi. Macam2 kitorang ambik.

Dan salah satu kelebihannya adalah kita dapat mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama insan. Ayat karangan tau. Kan selalu time sekolah dulu naik je cuti dapat kerja sekolah wajib, karangan bertajuk "Aktiviti cuti sekolah saya". Ha apa lagi ni lah masanya curi idea. Haha.

Time ni lah segala sedara mara nak turun sekali. Jengah kawasan. Sambil tu borak kisah2 lama. Nostalgia okay. Best je dengar bila mak dengan makcik aku cerita kisah dorang dulu. Macam mana dorang dulu hidup adik beradik ramai, makan pakai apa ada je. Sekarang aku tengok adik aku lebih sikit je dah merajuk. Dasar. Haha.

Okay sambung

Mak yang tengah sembelih serai gemuk. Haha.

Serai  kat kampung tanam sendiri memang gemuk2 okay. Tak macam beli kat supermarket ke apa. Kurus je. Macam belum cukup umur. Haha. Mungkin nak cepat jual ke apa kan. Eh yang ni aku main cakap je. Jangan terpedaya pulak dengan kata2 aku. Aku mana tau serai cukup umur macam mana. Haha.

Dan beranak lagi. Limau dan serai. Haha. Baku besar boleh isi macam2. Selagi nampak depan mata, selagi tu penuhkan bakul.

Korang tau ke ni apa? It's black pepper yawww

Macam2 lagi ada kat belakang rumah semua tu. Tapi tak sempat ambik gambar. Sebab tangan penuh pun satu hal. Mana nak pegang pisau lagi, mana nak tolong pegangkan pucuk betik mak lagi, dua tangan tak cukup. Haha. Kena prepare plastik siap2. Terus siap bungkus fresh dari kebun. So balik rumah boleh berlenggang kangkung tapi tangan penuh plastik.

Dan muka dengan bakul pun takda beza. Sekian.

So korang, cubalah berkebun mana rumah ada tanah tu. Kalau takda tanah, buat macam aku. Balik kampung dan kacau tanah orang. Haha.

Enjoy your holiday :)

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Zoo Johor


Hello guys. Happy Chinese New Year! Have fun and may this year full of blessings and happiness to all of us. More love and lets just spread the positive vibes even more. We need it guys.

And I'm here enjoying my holidays. A 5-day holidays after sooo long. Why we got no long leave anymore just like school? Why? Don't you think we need a break too? We can be more productive after break, don't you think? Oh actually I don't think so. Haha.

Ok. To fill my holidays and turns it into a productive holiday (instead of just lying on the bed the whole day like a whale Zzz), I'm here writing a new post! Yeay!

It's about my trip to Zoo Johor (sounds like a school trip, isn't it?).

Last time when I went to zoo is I think around 2 or 3 years back. With my family and it's Zoo Melaka. This is my very first time at Zoo Johor. Even I'm Johorean, but this is the first! More to explore in my own state I think. In the future. *sigh*

My partner for the trip is tadaaaa...

And here I'm the teacher and he's the student who joined the trip. Haha. If you say that I'm noob to be on my first time in Zoo Johor, he's even noob-er (ape tu?) Haha. Dia first time pergi zoo okay. That's why I'm the teacher now. To show and explain to him, this is elephant, this is monkey, and all that stuffs. Haha.

At Zoo Johor, there's no specific car park. So the visitors parked their cars on the roadside. Then kena saman. Haha. But there's masjid in front of the zoo with a large parking space. So you guys can just park your car there, and take some walking-and-talking session with your partners, or family, or friends or whoever, before arrive at Zoo Johor. Haha. Maybe that is the purpose of making a large parking space at the masjid. I'm not sure.

The ticket price is only RM4.00 for adults. So, we only have to paid RM8.00 for both.

The time you enter the zoo, there will be their staffs asked you to snap some photos. Just doing some action smile and then move. They will show you the photos when you got back later.

So the first we saw there was...


Beautiful peacock. Tapi dia tak bukak dia punya sayap tu. Eh sayap ke. Haha. Tak sure apa. While looking at this, I kept asking Faiz "Kenapa dia tutup sayap dia? Bukak lahhh.  Kenapa dia tak kembangkan tu yang belakang tu? Baru cantik" And he definitey can't answer me. Hmmm. Oh lupa, I'm the one who explain to him why and how and what everything. Not him. Ok

What's that? OMG

Faiz paling geli dengan ular ni. I can tell from his reaction. One step back everytime we saw snakes. Haha. Sumpah aku gelakkan aje dia tapi macam tak baik kan. What if he laugh at me when he see my reaction whenever I see ulat. Eeeee paling tak boleh blah ok ulat. Imagining he'll laugh at me stopped me to do the same this time. Tapi lepas tu sambung balik gelak sebab aku tau dia mesti geli jugak dengan ulat. Semua binatang kecik2 dia geli kot. So dia tak boleh nak gelakkan aku lah kan. So continue laughing. Hahahaha.

Takda yang menarik. Ok next.


And next..

Aaaaa yang ni paling excited. First time nampak depan mata. Waktu ni ngam2 kitorang lalu dia baru keluar. Timing baikkk. Haha. It's so cool ok. Exactly macam dalam tv. We were both chose this hyppo as the best animal we saw during our trip. Haha. It's just a random question from me after we just got back from zoo, "Best tak? Apa binatang paling excited sekali bila nampak?" And he answered without hesitate "Badak". Same goes to me. The different is that I took quite a time to think and decide which one is the best but still hyppo is winning in my heart. Haha. I just take a deep thinking lah, karang main pilih je kecik hati pulak yang lain. I have to prepare a strong argument before deciding. Just to be fair. Haha.

Melawat kawan ke bang?

Burung apa entah?

Had a breakfast?

Ada satu kawasan area depan ni, lebih luas and open. Takda sangkar or apa2. Just an open area like the picture above. Ada banyak binatang kat sini. Kerbau. Kancil. Rusa. Burung unta. Walaupun berbeza jenis, mereka hidup aman damai dan saling menghormati. Haha.

Stay there enjoyed the view. View of that deer berebut makanan. Haha. At first we thought tak boleh lalu jalan ni. Sebab macam takda orang. Tapi main jalan jela dengan yakin. Then baru ada beberapa orang lain follow jugak. Such a follower. Huh. :P

Ada jugak jual sayur2 macam tu untuk sesiapa yang berminat bagi makan kat binatang ni. Tapi kitorang tak berminat. Sorry. Kitorang lagi berminat untuk bagi makan kat diri sendiri. Haha. 

Hye Faiz *lambai tangan*
Eh tapi snake got no hands

Another interesting part is here.


This came is ultimate competitor to the hyppo. Haha. Both so charming. And I was so excited saw them. I don't know. Actually most of the time I got excited. Except for those familiar one like burung lah, bangau lah apa semua tu. Sampai kan Faiz noticed it! OMG is that so obvious? Haha. Bila aku cepat2 je nak jalan tempat lain tu dia tau lah tu tak excited sangat. Siap tanya "Eh yang ni tak menarik ke?" Bila aku tanya kenapa dia kata takda bebel2 yang excited macam sebelum ni. LOL

yes you see that camel so cute

Bangun lah woi!

Another cute creature. Nicely landing huh. Tak layan orang punya ni. Buat hal sendiri lagi baik. Haha.


I should be excited when I saw lion. But instead I felt nothing. Haha. Maybe if the lion is the one with a lot of hair around the neck just like we always see in the tv or books, I get to be more excited. Faiz told me the one with a lot of hair around the neck is the female, while this one is male. And I gave him a long Ohhhhhhh. Haha. He so clever. Kata first time datang zoo. Hehe.

Rilex nya itu budakkkk. I want to gigit and cubit you. Haha. Dia cool gilaaaa. Dia tau orang tengok dia kan, then dia duduk kat situ macam chill je. Eksyen pun ada rasanya. Haha.

You see? You see?

Only a few pictures we got. There're also elephant, more snakes, more birds, more lions, and more animals. Just before we decided to go back, the lions make some noise. Tak tahu gaduh ke marah ke lapar, semua berlawan2 bising. So ramai orang berkumpul kat tempat singa tu, termasuk lah kami. Haha. Adakah sepatutnya kitorang jangan masuk campur hal singa2 tu? Atau kitorang sepatutnya berasa lebih takut sebab dia dah bising mungkin dia akan jadi lebih menakutkan? Tapi nampaknya semua tak macam tu. Semua sibuk nak tengok singa2 tu. Haha. Tapi bila kitorang sampai tetibe je singa tu semua diam. Hek eleh. Lari laju dah tadi ingat apa lah. Ni takda apa. Balik lah wei, balikkk.

So, we had so much fun at the zoo. But it might be more fun when you bring your kids because they will ask more and questioning everything. Yes everything. I saw that one father following his son to here and there. And his son got so many questions. I hope the father won't give a silly answer. Just like what I did most of the time. Haha.

So for those who near to JB, but never come to Zoo Johor, just try to go whenever you feel like going ok. No rush. Haha. You can get some relaxing time because it's nice there. Quite small compare to Zoo Melaka I've been before. But still good for an exploration.

Give it a try ok!


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